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Gymnastics at Venues

Sponte Sua Gymnastics London Parents Open day
We set up gymnastics classes in sport halls (schools, clubs and leisure centres). The children can train from 1 or 2 hours per week in recreation groups or to 6 hours per week with our competition squad groups. The classes are organised in groups of up to 12 children divided by age and ability level.

Sponte Sua Gym participate in London Gymnastics -BG- competitions: Gymnastics for All (floor & vault) and Rhythmic gymnastics. We hold our annual club competition December "Christmas Competition". 

We are very proud of our squad team. Girls and boys are getting better results and more medals and pins every year.

Venues at London region.  

Venues at South region

Gymnastics for Schools

Sponte Sua Gymnastics London at Schools

We teach gymnastics at schools during curriculum hours and before or after school clubs, for children who attend the school only.

The classes are delivered in Schools around London and Surrey (Wimbledon Common, Wimbledon Village, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Clapham, Claygate, et.)

We teach under the Sponte Sua Gym - Sports programmes or under the School Academic Curriculum. We also teach different sports and dance.
The classes are organized by level or by the School grade/year group. For more information about school classes and sport programs, please contact our team at:

Our Principles

Sponte Sua Gymnastics London
Our Principles


➢ Safety environment: to work with the necessary and safety equipment.

➢ Quality: providing the best lessons every day.

➢ Specific Skills: we teach the sport specific skills according the levels.

➢ Feedback: giving the correct feedback for a fast improvement.

➢ Memorable Day: Create great

memories to come back… again and again.

➢ Have Fun!!!:  to learn, exersice and improve in a great athmosphere


Sponte Sua Gymnastics London

Sponte Sua Gym" (SSG) which in Latin means: "Self Impulse or Motivation” started in March 2000 at F.A.S.T.A. Independent College (Fraternidad de Agrupaciones Santo Thomas de Aquino) in San Martin de los Andes, Patagonia Argentina. SSG was founded by Mrs Valeria Hoppichler. SSG has offered since its beginnings, classes for children from 3 years old to adults, with recreational, advance and squads levels, competing at Argentinean national levels.

​​The gym centre was so successful that Val created and coordinated an annual event called "Festival de los Lagos"  gymnastics &dance Gala, inviting and hostess other regional Sports Centre and Clubs. The first Gala hosted more than 200 performers and around 950 spectators.​

​​​​​​SSG also hosted the Regional Gymnastics Competitions, to select the best gymnasts for the national competitions.

London UK: Sponte Sua Gym  opened in Wimbledon in September 2012 with continued success. Starting the first term with 8 children, it has currently more than 500 children training ​at our venues or through the schools, from recreational to squad levels. SSG is member from London Gymnastics and attend competitions from 2013.


Physical education Professor and Sports Science coach Val Hoppichler. Sponte Sua Founder & Director.

Mrs. Val Hoppichler

Skiing and Mountain Guide and Gymnastics Specialised Mr Rudolf Hoppichler. Sponte Sua Ltd. Director

Mr. Rudolf Hoppichler

Founder & Director

Former Gymnast: Mrs. Valeria Hoppichler -née Bianco-Martinez-, started gymnastics at the age of 6  in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During her early years she was training at high performance level, and retired at the age of 18.  She finished her gymnastics career with the title of Champion of Neuquen Province in 1993.         This gold medal earned her the Honour of “Trompul” (Best sport person of the  year) in Gymnastics. 

Gymnastics Coach:  Val had managed gymnastics clubs for over 20 years, founding "Sponte Sua Gymnastics Centre" in March 2000. She organised Gymnastics Galas with over 1000 spectators and Regional WAG and MAG competitions to select gymnast for the  Nationals in Argentina. 

Sport Coach and PE Teacher:  Val works in independent and states schools teaching gymnastics, athletics, swimming, basketball, handball, Volleyball, softball, dance, hockey, football, netball.  Has more than 15 years of working experience as International Ski Instructor in Whistler-Blackcomb (Canada), Perisher Blue (Australia), Chapelco and Ushuaia (Argentina), Valle Nevado (Chile). 

London and SSG:  Sponte Sua Gym London Gymnastics and Sports Centre open    its doors in Wimbledon in September 2012.  


Degrees: BSc  (Hons)  PE and Sports Science.

                BG level 4 Senior Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach,

                BG Level 3 Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach

                BG level 2 Club Judge in GG.   

                CSIA Level 3 Ski Instructor

Courses: Safeguarding, Emergency First aid, Club Management, Child protection awareness, Disability in Sports, Baseball,  Sign Language L1.

Val is also Volunteer at London Gymnastics as Southern Competition 

Organiser/Support for GFA -Floor and Vault- and a committee member of the Rhythmic South Region in British Gymnastics.


Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish. Basic Italian, Portuguese and French. Learning German. Basic Sign Language.


Sponte Sua Gym -SSL: Mr. Rudolf Hoppichler moved to Uk in 2013 to helped with the development of the club as Finance director and Head coach, Co-funded Sponte Sua Ltd a year later. 

Gymnastics coach: His wide knowledges in sport coaching brings to Sponte Sua Gym the essential to keep growing and expanding, offering to our clients an excellence in training from indoor to outside sports and from recreational to extreme sports.

Sport Career:  Rudy has an Austrian National Ski Instructor and Ski Guide degree.  He has also coaching degrees in PE and teaching experience in Handball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Volleyball, Football, Trampoline, Skiing and Sport Science.

Skiing Career and experience:  Rudy is also the founder and director of his own winter sports company called International Ski Pros. He has been in the Ski business for over 40 years working in ski resorts such as Mont Buller -Australia-, Chapelco and Bariloche -Argentina-, Shiga Kogen -Japan- and St Anton, Lech, Zürs -Austria-. 

Because of his heritage (his Grandfather Prof. Stefan Kruckenhauser- and his Father Prof. Franz Hoppichler were both heads of the Austrian National Ski Instructors Association and pioneers at developing the Austrian ski technique and ski teaching method) he was been in touch with the newest technical improvements and sports activities from childhood. 

Degrees: BG Level 2 Senior Coach in Men Artistic

                BG level 2 Senior Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach

                National Ski Instructor Austria

                Ski and Mountain Guide 


Languages: Fluent in German, English, Spanish and Swedish. Basic Portuguese and Italian.


Sponte Sua Gymnastics London
Head Coach

Beata Bodai

Venue's Head Coach

Degrees: BG level Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach,

Courses: Safeguarding, Emergency First aid.

Sponte Sua Gymnastics London

Gisela Mayerhofer

Schools Head Coach

Degrees: BG level 2 Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach,

Courses: Safeguarding, Emergency First aid.

Sponte SUa Gymnastics Coach

Julieta Sieghart

Artistic Gymnastics Coach

Degrees: BG level 1 Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach.

                BPE in Physical Eductacion

Courses: Safeguarding

Sponte Sua Gymnastics London 
Dance and rhythmic Coach

Veselina Panayotova

Rhythmic Assistant Coach

Degrees: Dance and Choreography

Courses: Safeguarding, Emergency First aid.

Sponte Sua Gymnastics London

Caroline Conroy

Artistic Gymnastics Coach

Degrees: BG level 1 Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach,

Former Competitive Squad Gymnast


Sponte Sua Gymnastics London
Club's Head Judge
Sponte Sua Gymnastics London
Club's Judge

Juliet Rees

Club's Head of Judges and Welfare Officer

Degrees:  BA (HONS) Sports Studies

                 BG level 2 Club Judge in GG. 

Courses: Safeguarding, Time to listen.

Moira Whitman

Club's Judge

Degrees: BG level 1 Club Judge in GG. 

Val Hoppichler - Sponte Sua Gymnastics Founder and Director

Val Hoppichler

Club's Judge

Degrees: BG level 2 Club Judge in GG. 


Sponte Sua Gymnastics London

Lila Rees

Development Coach

Former Club's Squad Gymnast

Sponte Sua Gymnastics London

Lauren Self

Assistant Coach

Former Club's Squad Gymnast

Degrees: BG level 1 Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach                   - currently studying-

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