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Faye Haskins Artist
Printmaker and painter.
Private tuition, to both experienced artists and those who wish to learn something new.
The studio is based in Pimlico, London.
Contact: Faye Haskins
Ringana: Organic and Natural products
RINGANA’s unique care products combine fresh nature and highly antioxidant ingredients with concentrated effect. Its products, are made from natural raw materials that are absolutely pure and effective. No mineral oil-based substances, stabilisers, PEG emulsifiers, formaldehyde, silicones, nano particles and other environmentally harmful substances are used. In addition, no raw materials of animal origin or from genetically-modified organisms go into our products.
Contact: Rudolf Hoppichler
Tel: +44 7456 422869


Sponte Sua Gymnastics London


Regan Whitman

* Spanish and EFL online tutoring sessions.

* Private tuition to both children and adults.

* Spanish school support. 

Contact:  Georgina Temperini 

Email: georginatemperini@gmail.con

English and Spanish Online Tutoring