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How do I apply for a trial class?

By email. Please send us your child's or your own details -if the class is for an adult-, age and gender and ideal venue.

SSG team will answer your email as soon as possible.  

You can find the full information regarding trial classes, general Clubs' rules, Privacy Notice and Safeguarding on our page: Rules 

Can I continue after a trial class?

Yes, if we have offered you or your child a trial class place, it is because we can offer that place for the rest of the term.

What should I wear for the trial class?

Your child or you can wear for the trial class any sport clothes appropriated for gymnastics  (We recommend to wear leggings, shorts, t-shirt or any other leotard you already have).                         If your child continues then, it is compulsory to train with our Clubs leotard -for Girls- and  Shorts -for Boys-.                               We recommend the parents not to buy any special clothes for our trial classes.

How do I pay for SSG classes?

The trial class has to be paid  in advance at least 72 hours prior to the agreed class by BACS only.

The regular classes are payable by term by BACS only.

Do you offer discount for siblings?


Yes, the first child will pay the fees in full,  each additional child will have a discount on the term fees/classes. 

Annual Club Membership: What is it?


Our Club Membership fee includes:  Admin fees, BAGA Test certificate and Badge,  SSG Christmas Competition entry and awards, SSG Club's T-shirt, Club's Annual Gala Southern Moves Festival gymnast's fees, etc.


Are your classes insured?


All gymnasts are insured by British Gymnastics. To join BG is compulsory to attend the classes at Sponte Sua Gymnastics and any class or event by  Sponte Sua Ltd.

UNIFORMS: What should my child wear each training?


The children can attend the trial class with leggings and t-shirt.

Once the child join our club, our club leotard is compulsory.

Boys can attend with the club's  t-shirt and gymnastics navy shorts. The clubs' Shorts are compulsory for boys.

If wearing leggings in winter, it has to be plain navy or black suitable for gymnastics. -NO SHINY LYCRA- Ideally velour/velvet or cotton.



TERM DATES: When are the classes start and finish?


The term dates can slightly vary from each venue. Please visit our website, click on Term dates and check the venue's dates.

Could my child recover a missed class?


We are not obligated to recover missed classes for personal reasons. We will try to offer an extra class during the week as far as we have available places.

The missed classes are not refundable nor credited. 

(SSG will recover missed classes if your child has to be self-isolated due to covid-19)

Safeguarding and Safety


We take safety and safeguarding of our clients, gymnasts and coaches seriously.  We have a welfare officer in place.      

You can contact our welfare officer or directors  at any time.

Can my Child choose the skill to be trained?


We are very careful with the skills each child execute or learn. 

All gymnast are welcome to communicate what skill they would like to learn and the coach will explain when and if possible for the child to learn or execute a specific skills. We do not teach skills that a gymnast is not ready to execute,  due to lack of technique, physical condition, experience and level.  Some skills need a lot of preparation physically and mentally.  Training hours and experience are essential when training in gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a high risk sport. However it can be safe if following the correct training and skill level for each person.

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Yes, you can start once the term has been started and we will charge a prorated fee for the remaining classes of the term.

The memberships run yearly and renewed each September. There is no prorate on the annual membership.

Are your teachers qualified?

All our coaches are BG qualified and DBS/CRB checked. 

Assistants are also DBS/CRB checked and BG members.

Can parents watch?

The parents have 4 opportunity during the year to watch the child progression.  The last class of every term plus the Club Annual Gala show "Souther Moves Festival" in June.

The regular classes are drop off -for all ages-, including trial classes.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


Each group can have up to 8 to 12 children per coach depending on each  venue/class/age groups.

(Groups might be reduced to follow the social distancing rules)

How are the groups divided?


Our groups are divided primary by Age and  Level. Squad groups are divided primary by Level.  Our Age groups are:

Minis: 3-5y.o       Junior: 6 to 8y.o        Super: 9 to 12y.o                       Teens: 13 - 18       Adults: 18+.

How are the classes divided per Year?


Our  training are divided per term,  based on 12 or  14 weeks term depending the venue. We train have terms per year.

Are the classes running during school half term?


We continue training during schools half term but it will depend on each venue/school. If a particular school closes it premises during half term or bank holidays, we have to close as well. The termly classes are planed based on each venue and we do not charge the half term class if the venue is closed. You will be notified before the term starts.

We have breaks in Christmas, Easter and August/summer break.

Training multiple hours per week.


All gymnasts can train more than 1 hour per week. Development squad group places are offered depending the availability.  The Squad groups are under invitation only. Please contact our office if your child wants to be assess for the Squad.

Can my child train in two or more different Sponte Sua Gymnastics venues ?


All gymnasts can train on all our venues and attend different venues/classes per week.  The term fees can get the same combined discount regarding number of hours or siblings.     The annual membership is paid once per child/per year.           We have the same uniforms on all our venues.

Mobiles information


Please note that we do not show the full information in the mobile edition. You can find the full information from our website on tablets, iPads, laptops or computers.



For full information on how we keep our club safe during the Tiers and Lockdown periods please visit our Covid page .

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