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Sponte Sua Performing Dance. Wimbledon, London Dance Classes

Sponte Sua

Performing dance

Sponte Sua Performing Dance. Wimbledon, London Dance Classes

Welcome to Sponte Sua Performing Dance

At SSPA all our students will be trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Acrobatic Dance during each term.

With our program, children and adults will have the benefit of a complete formation in different dance techniques. 


Ballet: We believe that a correct Classic foundation is essential to perform any dance technique with perfection and grace.

Jazz: A timeless style with modern rhythms, with focus on spontaneous and improvisational skills.

Contemporary: Students will be able to combine technique styles such as Jazz, Modern, Lyrical and classic Ballet.

Acrobatic Dance: With our expertise in Gymnastics and Dance students learn to preform acrobatic skills with precision and technique, combined with dance moves.


  Morley Park Pavillion

  Monday  18.00 to 19.30    > S 2-3   T 2-3

  Friday  17.00 to 17.50         > J 1

  Friday  18.00 to 19.00         > S 1-2   T 1-2


  J=  JUNIORS  (Students from 4 to 7y.o)

  S=  SUPER   (Students from 8 to 12 y.o)

  T=  TEENS   (Students from 13 to 17y.o)

  A= ADULTS  (Students from 18+y.o)


Morley Park Pavilion

Ursuline School Fields

Cottenham Park Road

SW20 0SZ



Starts: 5th Sep to 10th Dec

(No Classes on 24th and 28th October)


Starts: 9th Jan to 14th Apr.

(No classes from 13-17th Feb and from 3rd - 7th Apr)


 1=  BEGINNERS   Students with none or little previous                                                     knowledge in Dance

  2=  MODERATE   Students with some previous Dance or

                                           Gymnastics skills

  3=  EXPERIENCED  Students with more than 2 years

                                               practise in Dance or Gymnastics

  4= MASTER     Student with Advance level in Dance

Head of Dance


Veselina Panayotova  -BA Dance-

My fascination with dancing choreography and rhythmic gymnastics has been an undivided part of my life. I started dance classes with 3 years. I have trained at Freedom Dance in Bulgaria for many years and have been to numerous competitions and festivals all around the world, winning prestigious awards.

At Sponte Sua Performing Dance I want to give my experience and knowledge to new generations and inspire the love to dance, creativity movement and performances.

Awards: World Dance Championship in Croatia -Vice World Champions, group.

                Vienna Dance Open International: Art Dance style, Solo– 1st place

                Skopje Open International Dance:  Acro Dance style, solo -1st place

                Rimini Dance Open International: Contemporary/Jazz Style – solo– 1st place-

                While at University of Roehampton: > Southampton Dance competition -Advanced contemporary- 2nd place.                 

                   > Surrey Dance competition Advanced contemporary- 1st place and a special award for best performance

                   > Kingston Dance competition (2020)- 1st place (Advanced Jazz) and 2nd place(Advanced


Filmography: Veselina had performed in features films, Music Videos and Social Media adverts in                              London.

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