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Mr. Rudolf Hoppichler

CFO and Director

ponte Sua Gym -SSL: Mr. Rudolf Hoppichler moved to Uk in 2013 to helped with the development of the club as Finance director and Head coach, Co-funded Sponte Sua Ltd a year later. 

Gymnastics coach: His wide knowledges in sport coaching brings to Sponte Sua Gym the essential to keep growing and expanding, offering to our clients an excellence in training from indoor to outside sports and from recreational to extreme sports.

Sport Career:  Rudy has an Austrian National Ski Instructor and Ski Guide degree.  He has also coaching degrees in PE and teaching experience in Handball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Volleyball, Football, Trampoline, Skiing and Sport Science.

Skiing Career and experience:  Rudy is also the founder and director of his own winter sports company called International Ski Pros. He has been in the Ski business for over 40 years working in ski resorts such as Mont Buller -Australia-, Chapelco and Bariloche -Argentina-, Shiga Kogen -Japan- and St Anton, Lech, Zürs -Austria-. 

Because of his heritage (his Grandfather Prof. Stefan Kruckenhauser- and his Father Prof. Franz Hoppichler were both heads of the Austrian National Ski Instructors Association and pioneers at developing the Austrian ski technique and ski teaching method) he was been in touch with the newest technical improvements and sports activities from childhood. 

Degrees: BG Level 2 Senior Coach in Men Artistic

                BG level 2 Senior Women Artistic Gymnastics Coach

                National Ski Instructor Austria

                Ski and Mountain Guide 


Languages: Fluent in German, English, Spanish and Swedish. Basic Portuguese and Italian.

Mr. Rudolf Hoppichler
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